Manufacturing OmegaQuantum Technologies manufacturing department

Design Manufacturing

OmegaQuantum Technologies manufacturing department prides itself with a technologically driven supply chain, circuit board mounting, cleanroom, innovative high quality assembly, adjustment, test and worldwide logistics demonstrating manufacturing techniques.

All delivered by the local supply chain office, engineering department and highly skilled production team.

Material Sourcing

We are able to manage the entire supply chain offering the most competitive pricing on a variety of components. If you have specialist components, then we will support you to achieve the best possible result both in terms cost and risk management. Our engineering teams have battle tested processes that have been developed over many years, to manage design changes smoothly with no impact to the customer.


Manual through hole mounting and Electrovert lead free flow solder bath's with nitrogen capability support the assembly process with our Contract Electronics Manufacturing Division. Tailored assembly stations offer a full body capability with capacity matched to the customer requirements. Automated operation management systems ensure Poke Yoke (mistake proof) assembly processes regardless of the quantity or complexity of the product.

Quality Assurance

In addition to the stringent in process testing carried out on every product manufactured at OmegaQuantum Technologies, the Contract Electronics Manufacturing QA department will select products at the appropriate AQL rate and subject them to rigorous checking to confirm they will meet all the customers expectations. The checking will include the product itself as well as all peripheral equipment from the customers' perspective and will include through cosmetic checks on product and packaging where appropriate